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Otomax 3.32 release
« on: June 14, 2013, 11:09:27 PM »
3.3.2 @13-Jun-2013
- New: Optimize bandwith usage for internet banking (indonesia version only)
- New: Shortcut Ctrl+T = deposite, F9 = CS Monitor, F10 = Log Sistem, F11  = sms Broadcast.
- Fix: Pysical voucher transaction: TrxMan Error #9: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
- Fix: Internet banking BCA: Error: WebException:: The underlying connection was closed: A connection that was expected to be kept alive was closed by the server.
- Fix: Online verification failed. Error: Can't connect database (1040)
- Fix: Some operator, unable to send sms to local number beginning with 0

3.3.1 @10-Jun-2013
- Fix: Rainbow module Indodata not appear.

3.3 @10-Jun-2013
- New: Licence don't check machine code or OID.
- New: CS Monitor Answer panel, will show which messege replied.
- New: Time out reply format for transaction haven't proceed after certain time. At setting panel
- New: Send SMS to end user (the number recharged) when transaction success, tick in coulumm of product panel and level tab.
- New: Parameter [enduser] on format to identify sms send by end user.
- New: Setting SmsEndUserRegex to filter number allowed to send sms.
- New:  Parsing module now support   format "file:///<path>" which <path> contain txt file filled with parsing
- New: Format REK2 untuk for check balance movement specially check manual deposite manual, transfer, dan  bank deposite.
- New: Balance Reminder, a tools help to update balance left in once time.
- New: Module Host to Host khusus to Pelangi Indodata for electric bill PLN , game voucher, etc.
- New: coulumm for before and after for denomination in reply from provider in order to catch value denomination.
- New: For speed, deposite window only show last 3 month tranon.
- New: Setting module, queue per products and global queue per module.
- Fix: Faster startup time, faster loading time.
- Fix: resend will fail transaction if the module is being off during resend of transaction.
- Fix: Outbox command to IM supplier will be automatically failed if messege fail to send over 2 minutes .
- Fix: Client Mode will pop up if dongle disconnecte.
- Fix: Change sms prefix if SMS sender reactivate.
- Fix: Balance transfer hang if upline data anomaly (loopback).
- Fix: Perfected reply process if setting not accurate, in order to minimize get wrong reply for wrong transaction
- Fix: Manual Transaction protection from right click changed to double click then save.
- Fix: Terminal icon sometime not uppear or module too.
- Fix: Error while proccessing inbox XXXX. Collection was modified
- Fix: Sms content unable to read (strange character)  at long sms more than 160 character
- Fix: On member registration pagi, area code will not be blank after pressed refresh button
- Some minor fixed
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