Author Topic: Otomax Need Your Help, for Internet banking  (Read 3533 times)


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Otomax Need Your Help, for Internet banking
« on: September 03, 2013, 07:08:40 PM »
Since there one missing feature for india, but were widely available in indonesia. We otomax team need your help in order to develop otomax internet banking for india market.

What is internet banking in otomax.
1.Internet banking is a feature that continously check your banking account using for recharge server transaction.
2. The usage of internet banking is to automate the deposit system, so your reseller/customer can deposit by their own without need manual input

What bank we need?
1. We need bankign widely used in your country, as far i know icici bank is the most used

Whats the benefit if i lent you my account?
After we complete develop the system you save alot of time,

Hey i don't get any benefit from that, i lent you my account then other people will benefit my banking id.
I will give you a gift, a free 8port wavecom modem personally from me. but not include shipping cost and custom tax.

Will you take my money away?
My personal i more prefer to earn usd $0.01 than taken your money. beside the fact india money regulatary very strict you also can't transfer money to abroad freely. also i don't have your debit card pin how can i take your money. and most important nowadays bank are using very secure authenthication like usb dongle, dynamic password generator, sms code authentication for transfering fund. it is almost no way i take away money inside account.

okay i believe you then what you need on account?
1.url of the internet banking
2. if available some 50 transaction
3. login and password
4. the bank url can be accesses by international ip ( we develop in indonesia ).
5. if customer service of bank suddenly blocked because access from outside india please explain to them you are developing software in other country and ask them to re open access till the development id done.
6. don't put too much money inside the bank account you lent to us,  transfer away all the money inside account.

So if you willing to help us contact my whatsapp or pm me, and don't ever post your login id in this forum, if you do so it will be at your own risk

or contact my gtalk
gtalk : blackneck6666
Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hongkong.