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On-Line Business
« on: July 18, 2015, 08:00:11 PM »
Welcome to MPA – “My Paying Ads”

Firstly, for the Latest Information About MPA – “My Paying Ads”, Please Visit the Link on: "".

MPA – “My Paying Ads” is A Viral Advertising Site that Delivers High Quality Pro Traffic, and Also Offers Revenue Sharing which Brings Benefit to You.

We are not an investment / HYIP / MLM / Matrix / Cycler / Currency Exchange/ securities site.

We are an online advertising site. We sell advertising services. Our primary product / service is Business Listing (adpacks) and our other products / services are Banner ads, Text ads, Login ads etc. You may use these to advertise you Business/Programs to all members and visitors of our site.

We provide earning opportunities to all our members as detailed below :
   *** Earning Opportunity #1 - Referral Commission
     As an incentive for promoting the services offered in our site, we offer all our members 10% referral commission on every purchase made by their direct (Level 1 only) referral. The 10% referral commission is distributed as 50/50-CashBalance/Re-purchase Balance.
   *** Earning Opportunity #2 - Profit Sharing
     We share profits (excluding 10% that is paid as referral commission and Admin Fee) from every product sale, with all members who have purchased Business Listing (Adpacks) from us. Each $1 value of Adpack gives you 20 Business Directory Listing Credits.
Please note that this earnings depends on the sales of Business Listing (adpacks). We cannot and do not guatantee any earning or speed of earning from profit sharing.
   *** Earning Opportunity #3 - View & Click Ads
     We provide to view and click some small Banner ads daily to earn money. So, all members can earn by visiting websites listed in the "Earn Money" page. These are ads listed by other members of our site.

Eligibility to receive profit sharing :
   1. Members must first purchase Business listing (Adpacks).
   2. Then the member MUST also log into My Paying Ads account on a daily basis and surf at least 10 of our members Business Listings from "surf ads" page. Alternatively, members may purchase the low cost surf-free plan.

Once a member becomes eligible, profit share is distributed every 30 minutes, if we have received sales for that period. This is done automatically and will continue till the Adpacks mature at 120%. At this point it will cease to earn further.

MyPayingAds offers the following advertising products :
   1. Business Directory - For every Ad Pack purchased, member gets 20 credits (for every $1 value of Adpack) to list their business in our Daily Surf Page. The listing are displayed in rotation with all other listings.
   2. Login Ads - These ads are viewed by all members that login in to their account daily to surf the ads.
   3. PTC Advertisements - Paid To Click advertising helps to get targeted visitors to your website / link.
   4. Banner Ads - We offer rotating and fixed (static) banner ad packages, in 3 different sizes, (125x125,468x60,728x90).
   5. Text Ads - We offer rotating and Fixed (static) text ad packages.
   6. Solo Ads - You may use this ad service to email our members with your opportunities.
   7. PPC Banners - Pay per click (PPC) is an advance advertising option where you get guaranteed visitors to your website / link.

Do NOT Forget to Frequently Visiting the Web Site of MPA – “My Paying Ads” the Link on: "", in order to Update the Latest Information.
The IMPRESSUM of the MPA – “My Paying Ads” :
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The MOTTO of the MPA – “My Paying Ads” :
❝ The MPA is All of Us & We All are the MPA…!
So, Let Us Together Build & Rearing This MPA…! ❞
The YELLS of the MPA – “My Paying Ads” :
❝ Long-Life, Long-Life, and Life-Time the MPA – “My Paying Ads”……!! ❞